The Valleys

Viñales Valley

In 1979, this valley of 11km by 5km was recognized as a National Monument and then listed on the Unesco world heritage in 1999 for its spectacular “Mogotes” (limestone mountain) and its cliffs that overlook tobacco plantations but also for the architecture of its farms and traditional villages.

To have the best view of this splendid valley, you should go to “Los Jazmines” hotel at sunset.

Palmarito Valley

Valley Palmarito or valley Guasasa, is easily accessible by foot or on horseback from the city. We can find many tobacco plantations from October to February, as well as several other types of crops the rest of the year, such as corn, beans, yucca, sweet potatoes, malanga and pineapples. There are also fruit trees such as avocado, mango, guyava, lemon, banana and more. Nobody permanently lives in the valley since 1980, when major floods hit this valley. Farmers come to work on horseback or by foot from the center of Viñales. This valley also has many caves.

Silencio Valley

This valley is on the north side of Viñales in front of the Palmarito Valley. Here you will also find tobacco plantations and fruit trees, as well as a lake and a mirador with a magnificent view of the valley “Chile”, some farms are also accessible to visitors. The tracks are a little wider and flatter than those of the Palmarito valley. The landscapes are quite different from the Palmarito Valley.

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