Preparing our Trip – The essentials

Useful information – The essentials

Required papers to go to Cuba:

  • Passport in process of validation
  • Tourism card (visa)
  • Health insurance

Best season to visit Cuba :

  • From the end of November to the end of May (dry season)
  • October, to avoid the stifling heat of summer, end of the rainy season

Money :

  • Credit cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard (Attention American Express does not work in Cuba)
  • Possibility of withdrawing money from distributors in big cities but beware of commissions
  • Have Euros that you change and take a credit card for security

Currency in Cuba :

  • The convertible peso CUC (indexed on the dollar) most used by tourists and Cubans
  • The national currency Cuban peso CUP (1cuc = ~ 24cup)

Health (No compulsory vaccine):

  • Provide a small pharmacy kit with the basic drugs: analgesic, antibiotic, imodium, antihistamine
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Take precautions with water, it is best to drink bottled water

Tropical climata :

  • There are two seasons:
  • “Dry” season from November to May, winter. Average temperature 25 degrees, water temperature 24 °
  • “Wet” season from June to October, summer. Showers at the end of the day in general. Average temperature 28 degrees, water temperature 30 °


  • 110 volts, some houses have 220 volt outlets, provide an adapter for flat plugs, American type, flat plugs (type A), flat plugs (type A)

The apps you really need before coming to Cuba

  • MAP.ME
    Download the Cuba map before using it offline.
    Download the spanish translation offline and your language before using it offline.
    A converter can be great if you waant to know how much it costs inyour currency. Put your 
    currency and cuban currency.
    Few apps are blocked here in Cuba, so a free VPN is really helpful
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