Scuba Diving

Dive into the heart of the Caribbean Sea.

Under this tab, you go out of the horse domain to dive into the sea bed.

During my trip around the world, I became interested in diving and I decided to become a divemaster (dive guide) in Malaysia.

In this adventure around the world, I had the opportunity to dive in 14 countries, in Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, Panama, Ecuador, Chile, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Cuba, Sri Lanka, Malaysia.

Today I live in Viñales and one of the best diving spots in Cuba is in Maria la Gorda, 2h45 by road from Viñales.

Unfortunately Maria la Gorda is not served by Cuban public transport, although this place is really worth discovering for its seabed full of marine life and corals.

For all these reasons above, I decided to help the passionate divers and their family to join Maria la Gorda.

JMC Viñales team can therefore help you organize your transportation and accommodation on site at reasonable prices.

If you would like to discover Maria la Gorda, do not hesitate to contact us on

We could go discover these seabeds together!

The underwater world in Cuba is made up of some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the Caribbean and the world. There are hundreds of different corals, including black corals and rare elephant ear corals. In these gardens of corals, giant gorgonians and sponges, lives a very large part of the fauna of the Caribbean with more than 900 species of fish listed.

You will meet sea turtles, barracudas, large groupers, tarpons, moray eels, rays, trevally, yellow-headed livers, blue surgeons, trunk fish, angel fish, parrot fish, flying scorpion fish, many specimens of cleaning shrimp, porcelain crabs, dozens of nudibranch species and even on some diving sites, sharks.

In Cuba, diving visibility is generally good, often exceeding 40 metres.

Marine currents are generally not very important.

The water temperature varies all year round between 25 and 30°C.

Cuba is the only country in the world where diving centers are not affiliated with the major American diving federations PADI and SSI. This is due to historical and political reasons concerning relations between Cuba and the United States. Only the ACUC diving federation certifies in Cuba.

ACUC (American Canadian Underwater Certifications)

Federation internationale ACUC

Where to sleep in Maria la Gorda

In Maria la Gorda there is a hotel of the government, it is called CIB Maria La Gorda Hotel

If you want to spend one night or more, you must book it at the Infotur office in Viñales, one or two days before your stay at Maria La Gorda.

Price of the day (September 2019):

  • 26cuc per person with breakfast, for a double room, per night
  • 40cuc for one person with breakfast, for a single room, per night

The casas particulares closest to Maria La Gorda are 14km away. We do not recommend them if you do not have your own car.

Contact us for any further information and for any reservation, we are available to answer you.

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